What Happens if You Build Without a Party Wall Agreement?

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Building Without an Agreement

You might think that you can carry out work on your property without considering your neighbours, but this couldn’t be further away from the truth. In fact, you have to adhere to the Party Wall Act 1996 if the work you plan to carry out could impact an adjoining property. So, what happens if you build without a Party Wall Agreement?

What is a Party Wall Agreement?

A Party Wall Agreement is designed to ensure that you have permission from the owner of any adjoining properties when you plan to undertake work. You need to ask them for their permission to carry out the work, and they have 14 days to respond to the notice.

Whether you are carrying out work on an adjoining wall that you might share or carrying out work close to their boundary, you have to serve a Party Wall Notice by law. The agreement is an essential part of legislation with the aim of protecting all parties involved.

Can Building Work Start Without a Party Wall Agreement?

The first thing to consider is obtaining professional Party Wall notice help if you are unsure of anything relating to the agreement. If you begin work without a Party Wall Agreement, you could leave yourself exposed to legal action from other households. For example, when you start building work without a Party Wall Agreement, you might find that your neighbour submits fraudulent claims against you. If this occurs, and they claim that you have caused damage, you will have to put right any damage caused under common law.

Furthermore, they could also question other elements of your building project, such as the tradesmen you have used, where your skip is located and even the noise that the work is causing. So, it is a legal obligation to serve a Party Wall Notice to adjoining landowners. By starting building work without a Party Wall Agreement in place, you could have legal action taken against you, and progress on your project could be delayed or stopped.

When Do You Need a Surveyor?

Party Wall Notice for your North London Property

If you have served a Party Wall Notice to your neighbour and they have not replied within 14 days, it doesn’t give you the scope to begin work. There could be many reasons why they have not responded, but if you have been unable to obtain their consent, you should call on a Party Wall Surveyor.

Need Help With Your Party Wall Agreement?

If your neighbour has not responded, you need Party Wall expert advice, and this is where our Chartered Party Wall Surveyors can help. Our team can assist with the process and assess areas of your home and adjoining properties that could be at risk before work begins. We can then provide the proper documentation to protect both parties from misleading claims. So, if you need a Party Wall Notice for your North London Property, let our team guide you through the process.

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