Why Do I Need a Party Wall Surveyor?

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Hiring a Party Wall Surveyor

Making alterations to your home can be daunting, especially regarding building notices, building control and planning permissions. Questions can arise even if you are an experienced handyman. One of the more common questions is whether a Party Wall Surveyor is necessary. Whether extending your existing home or renovating the interior, here is what you need to know about when to hire a Surveyor.

What is a Party Wall?

Walls are not always the same. For example, within any home, you have load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls. However, another type of wall you need to know about is a Party Wall. A Party Wall is a lot like it sounds. It is a wall which is shared between neighbours. For example, semi-detached and apartment-style dwellings have Party Walls between neighbours. Both neighbours have legal obligations that must be observed regarding this shared boundary. Therefore, hiring a expert Surveyor is necessary if the intended works interfere with the Party Wall.

Why Do I Need a Party Wall Surveyor?

Not all projects require a Party Wall surveyor. You only need a surveyor if construction occurs on or near the Party Wall. The need for a Party Wall surveyor began with the Party Wall Act of 1996. The Act put to rest a complicated principle and system for building shared spaces, such as Party Walls. The Party Wall Act 1996 is a legal requirement and must be observed when a property owner intends to build or construct on or around a joining wall.

What Does a Surveyor Do?

The Party Wall Surveyor ensures the wall’s structural integrity is supported during construction. In addition, having a Party Wall surveyor helps the homeowner assess and manage risk to their neighbour’s property. The surveyor inspects the Party Wall before and throughout the process, protecting both parties from fault should an issue arise.

The Party Wall surveyor can also act as a mediator for neighbours to ensure everyone is on the same page before and during construction. In addition, they can be vital for settling disputes between neighbours and providing documentation regarding the exact specifications of the walls’ structure integrity and foundation concerns.

Do I Have to Pay for My Neighbour’s Surveyor?

According to the Party Wall Act of 1996, the person wishing to undertake the building work to their property must pay the Party Wall Surveyor’s costs. The only exception is if the neighbour decides to consult their own Party Wall Surveyor, which is at their own cost. Both sides of the Party Wall manage the surveyors’ assessments to ensure any potential damage to the adjoining property is mitigated as much as possible.

Why Choose an RICS Surveyor?

When a Party Wall is involved in your planned works, it can make your renovation more challenging. However, hiring an RICS surveyor can mitigate any issues that may arise. Our RICS Surveyors in North Finchley offer expert advice and recommendations for various works involving Party Walls and shared boundaries, from Party Wall Agreements, Schedule of Conditions and Party Wall Notices throughout North London. Hiring an RICS surveyor ensures you have proactive and practical support from a fully qualified expert who is conversant with the latest Party Wall regulations.

Free Party Wall Advice in North London

When you need Party Wall Expert Advice in North London, look no further than our RICS Surveyors at Hudson Party Wall Surveyors. Beginning any construction project has challenges, and when a Party Wall is a factor, don’t leave anything to chance. Your Experienced RICS Surveyor in North Finchley are here to help you and your neighbours.

Party Walls are common in North London; properly dealing with them is essential to keeping your construction project on track and preventing delays. Never leave your Party Wall to chance. RICS Surveyors help you make the right decisions while mitigating disputes arising from work on the shared boundary. If you are considering starting any renovations or construction involving a Party Wall, do not hesitate to contact our RICS Surveyors.

At Hudson Party Wall Surveyors, we offer a FREE no, obligation 30-minute Party Wall Consultation. Allowing you can make an informed decision about your proposed works to your North London property. Talk to one of our Chartered surveyors today, so you can have your construction project started and finished on the proper footing.

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