Adjoining Owners

Adjoining Owner

Who is an Adjoining Owner?

An Adjoining Owner refers to the owner and any occupiers of land and buildings that adjoins a Building Owners premises. Adjoining Owners also include buildings are not directly adjoined to the Building Owners premises however fall within 3 or 6metres, in the circumstances were the Building Owners is excavating. 

An Adjoining Owner must be officially notified under the Party Wall etc Act 1996 by a Party Wall Notice if the Building Owner proposes  to carry out any of the following building works:

  • Excavation with 3 or 6 meters of your property 
  • Cutting into the shared Party Wall
  • Removal of a chimney breast
  • Increase/decrease the height of a Party Wall

Received a Party Wall Notices?

If you have received a Party Wall Notice from a neighbouring property, this is a result of your neighbour proposing to carry out works that require notification under the Party Wall Act.

You must reply to the Notice within 14 Days of receipt of the Notice, or your neighbour could appoint a surveyor on your behalf.  

We can help ensure you reply to the Notice correctly, that the notice is valid and has been served correctly. We can guide you through your rights given by the Party Wall Act, to ensure your property is safeguarded during the proposed works. 

Need advice as an Adjoining Owner?

We are here to provide expert guidance and advice to Adjoining Owners who have received a Party Wall Notice.

Not sure where to start? Why not arrange call back with one of our surveyors, alternatively email your drawings and we’ll review your plans and guide provide free no obligation advice. Need advise straight away, we would love to gear from you, please call us and we’ll endeavor to help.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Adjoining Owners as defined within the Party Wall Act are owners of land, buildings or rooms adjoining those of the ‘Building Owner’.

Absolutely we’ll check that the Notice was served correctly and assist in ensuring you reply to the Notice accurately to best protect your property. Email or Call today for free advice.

Planning permission is a separate statutory control which the Party Wall etc Act 1996 does not cover. Planning permission is not always required for building works all under the fall under the Act.

The Planning Portal  provides comprehensive guidance to whether your proposed building project requires planning permission.

You may also require Building Control approval which is also not covered by the Party Wall Act.

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