Schedule of Conditions

Schedule of Conditions

What is a Schedule of Condition?

A schedule of condition is an inspection carried out prior to any building works taking place.  The inspection takes a ‘snap shot’ of a property at a given point in time, providing a written and photographic report of the condition. 

 The schedule of condition ordinarily records the condition of the ceilings, walls and floors within rooms that are in close proximity to the works identified within the party wall notice. The Condition of external elevations may also be recorded.  

Typical defects identified and recorded include cracking to plastered surfaces and the condition of glazing, walls and brickwork.   

A schedule of condition usually forms part of the Party Wall Award and can be referred back to in the event any damage is caused, acting as a reference point.  This enables the surveyor to identify the works required in order for the property to be returned to the standard recorded within the schedule of condition.  

A schedule of condition can also protect the building owner from mistaken claims as any existing defects will be clearly identified and documented.  

We will happily assist with carrying out a schedule of condition as part of the party wall process or as a standalone document.  

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