What Makes a Party Wall Notice Valid?

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Ensuring your Party Wall Notice is Valid

When carrying out work on a property, there will often be times when paperwork needs to be completed; this is especially true when a Party Wall is involved.

In this blog, our experienced Chartered Surveyors in North London give an overview of a Party Wall notice and some steps to take to ensure your neighbours are aware and agree with the proposed work.

What Is a Party Wall Notice?

Party Wall notice is legally required if you plan to carry out work affecting the Party Wall or shared boundary. The type of work carried out can include but is not limited to, building an extension or loft conversion. Notifiable works include removing a chimney breast, adjusting the height of a Party Wall and any excavation within three or six meters of the property boundary.

What Happens if a Party Wall Notice is Invalid?

Errors and incomplete or outstanding documentation can invalidate a Party Wall Notice. And, without a valid notice, any damage caused by the works could have legal ramifications, causing delays and extra costs.

Can I Write My Own Party Wall Notice?

A Party Wall notice can be served by either a Party Wall surveyor or the owner/occupier. Usually, the initial notice includes a letter of acknowledgement to your neighbour, which needs to be completed and returned.

The following are some of the common mistakes made when planning construction works:

  • Failing to inform all those who will be affected by the work.
  • Not providing enough detail about the project or any required structural calculations.
  • Using an outdated or incorrect form.
  • Not giving other residents sufficient notice about the planned construction work.

We strongly recommend using a Chartered Party Wall surveyor to manage matters on your behalf. Using a professional helps mitigate common mistakes that can cause your planned work to be held up, potentially saving you time and money.

Ensuring a Party Wall Notice Is Valid?

Ensuring the validity of a Party Wall notice is essential. In addition to establishing the building owner’s right to work on the property, the notice also specifies working hours and notes the condition of affected areas before and after construction. The purpose of the Party Wall Notice is to protect all parties and help mitigate the disruption caused by the proposed works.

Creating a Party Wall notice can be tricky; a project can be delayed if the correct details are not included.

Why Choose an RICS Surveyor?

Construction can be disruptive and stressful; using a Registered Surveyor means you are receiving the best and most up-to-date advice from a qualified professional. Also, your neighbours can rest assured that a professional has surveyed the Party Wall and, having considered the works, drawn up a valid Party Wall Agreement.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is a professional body that ensures the highest standards are met regarding the development of land, buildings and numerous infrastructures. Using an RICS surveyor ensures that all work carried out is of the highest standards by fully qualified professionals.

Free Party Wall Advice in North London

If your building work or renovations involve a Party Wall or shared boundary and you are unsure where to start, then why not get in touch with us to discuss your requirements in more detail? Our professional surveyors will ensure you receive all the relevant Party Wall advice you need to proceed with your project.

Our RICS Surveyors in North Finchley are experts in all things related to Party Walls, including Schedule of ConditionsParty Wall Agreements, and Party Wall Notices around North London. Contact us today to arrange your FREE, no-obligation consultation to discuss how we can assist with your Party Wall matters.

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