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What is a schedule of Condition?

A written and photographic report that takes a ‘snap shot’ of the condition of a property recording any defects at a given point in time.

Who carries out the Schedule of Condition?

Surveyors carry out the schedule of condition during the party wall process. The report forms part of the Party Wall Award.

What areas are covered?

Ordinally any areas that are deemed vulnerable or in close proximity of the property works are captured within the report.

When does a schedule of condition get carried out?

Prior to any works commencing and can be referred to in the event any damage occurs. 

Why is it important?

Carrying out a schedule of condition protects adjoining owners in the event any damage occurs and also protects you from building owners from mistaken claims.

Need more info?

Head over to our page on Schedule of Conditions for further information or watch our explainer video to learn more about Schedule of Conditions. 

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